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shout out to Nanjirou for retiring from a very successful and promising career as a tennis player to become a father and teach Ryoma tennis.

yeahgyuu replied to your post:*waits impatiently for someone to write a Tenipuri…

Why don’t you write it tho ;D

because I am a biased loser and it will become an alpha pair porn star au instead of a tenipuri porn star au if I write it OTL

*waits impatiently for someone to write a Tenipuri Porn Star AU*

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Prince of Tennis official art be like
“Here’s four of your favorite characters from random schools, and one guy who was only seen maybe once, also they’re wearing period clothing. Maybe there’s a horse in the background? Let’s put Fuji on the horse.”

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Houkago no Oujisama | x | aka the dorks are finally coming to life

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